How to Find a Trustworthy Car Repair Shop in Lake Stevens WA

Ask for a Deal or Discount

Many easy ways to cut costs exist, but a survey done by Consumer Reports indicates that a lot of people just don’t take advantage of them. Few tried, for instance, to barter for a lower price when it comes to repairs that were not included in a warranty. Just 21% tried to make an effort to negotiate, but if they made the effort, 2 out of 3 consumers surveyed said that they saved money.

The haggling rate of success at independent shops was greater—76%—as opposed to other kinds of repair shops. The success at retail chains was almost as high, at 70%. Dealers were the ones least likely to provide discounts, but still, the rate of haggling success was 61%.

The median amount of money consumers saved when haggling was more than $100, not a couple of nickels and dimes, according to the research.

If you review the brands, consumers who successfully bartered the price of their car repair at Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and BMW dealerships conserved the most when it comes to total dollars: $171, $148 and 198, respectively. This might be because of the greater costs associated with luxury vehicle repair.

Best Repair Shop Tips

Get a price comparison and ask your mechanic what parts will be utilized. Parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are often the most costly, but money can be saved by making use of OEM-equivalent components. Be sure you know the terms of the warranty for particular parts, whether it be from a car repair shop Lake Stevens WA or the manufacturer. When a repair is going to cost just as much as your vehicle is valued—like a transmission replacement—and you decide to do some research, a huge amount of money can often be saved by looking for used parts in salvage yards. Check with your mechanic first to verify if he or she agrees to use parts like these.

Get it fixed properly the first time. The best advice for customers looking to save more money car repairs is to get your vehicle repaired properly the first time by the right technician, says Jill Trotta, VP of sales and industry advocacy at RepairPal, a site and Consumer Reports partner that assists people in finding fair repair rates.