Driving Tips: How To Properly Use Your Car’s Fog Light

When it comes to proper driving techniques, most drivers don’t know the uses of every Mercedes Benz body parts. While important parts like the gas, brakes, and signal lights are used every day, there are more obscure parts like the fog light that still confuses many experienced drivers.

If you have never thought about your fog lights or simply use them whenever you please; surprise! There is a right and wrong way to use fog lights. Here are a few driving tips to help clear some of the confusion you might have with this special Mercedes Benz body parts:

Not All Cars Have Fog Lights

Cars are built and designed differently. Even if they are from the same manufacturer, the make and model can still be drastically different. This is why not all cars come with fog lights. In fact, most fog lights that are commonly seen on top of trucks are added by the owner after buying the car. This is mainly because there is no rule or mandate that requires all cars to come with fog lights.

When Is The Best Time To Use Fog Lights?

The most obvious answer is during times when fog is present and very dense. Since fog can obstruct the driver’s field of vision, these lights do come in handy when visibility is very low. Other times to use fog lights are when the road is very dark, like at the middle of the night or at the very early hours of the morning.

Fog lights are also best used in areas where there are no street lights. Otherwise, the lights become useless since the road is already well-lit.

Is There A Proper Position?

A very common mistake drivers make when using their fog lights is to forget how to position them. Trucks especially have their fog lights installed on the roof for a better height advantage. This is a great location for the lights, but make sure that when using the fog lights to direct them towards the road.

Fog is naturally reflective so when the bright lights are projected directly into the fog they will get reflected back to the driver causing more trouble. High beams and fogs are the worse combinations in the middle of a dark road, so be sure that the fog lights are always aimed from the ground up.

Avoid Blinding Other Motorists

It is very common to see cars and trucks with their fog lights on even when there is no fog and visibility is high. This should never be done under any circumstances this does not help you, as the driver and will only distract other motorists on the road. Be very cautious, especially when driving on a seemingly empty open road at night.

Bright lights, such as fog lights that are not positioned and located on the right part of the vehicle can be very harmful on a dark road. The misuse of fog lights can lead to accidents that can result in expensive repairs or bodily harm.

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