Driving School Theory

A driving School is a place where they teach people how to drive properly. It is run by a driving instructor. A driving instructor is authorized by the RTO (Regional Transport Office) and is granted a license to run this school. This license is renewable after certain prescribed years, usually 3 – 5 years.

Why join driving school?

When a person approaches the driving school, an instructor first collects basic documents like photographs, ID proofs, address proof, and other basic details and applies for learner’s license. The instructor also prepares the candidate to write learner’s exams during which the applicant has to identify symbols used on roads. For example, No Entry, No Parking, One Way, No Overtake, Steep Turn, Hair Pin Bends, etc.

After passing the exams, the learner’s license is received from the competent authority. This is when the driving school theory starts. The instructor explains the basics of a car and how it works. The instructor also explains how the gear shaft inside the car works when we engage clutch and change gears while driving. In theory class, the candidate also learns the importance of using seatbelt and checking of dashboard before starting a trip.

Driving school theory includes the learning of basic application of brake and accelerator. They also teach the importance of driving carefully as the impact could be dangerous. It’s because a car is around a ton of weight, which at high speed, it could harm life and property.


Theory class includes training, wherein one can learn to engage clutch and change gear and release the clutch smoothly. There are 5 gears in a car for speeding up. In addition, the candidate will also learn about working of reverse gears, using of mirrors etc.

The instructor also explains that in a driving school vehicle, they attach an extra clutch and brake which can be operated by the instructor when a candidate finds it difficult in traffic. He will control the vehicle to avoid a collision in traffic. Instructor in driving school theory classes also teaches the basic maintenance of the car. He also explains the functionalities of new generation cars i.e., automatic car, which is easy to drive.

Instructor during driving school theory makes the candidate understand the importance of using indicators and teaches how to use them effectively which will help in safe and smooth driving. The instructor also explains the importance of properly parking the vehicle, if not, how it can create problems for others in society. The instructor also explains the use of handbrake in a car while parking and driving in hills. Furthermore, the instructor teaches the use of half clutch while climbing the bridge/hilly areas.

Thus, driving school theory is not just important but essential for everyone who is about to learn driving or is looking to get a driver’s license.