Car Importing Is Not That Hard With The Right Research

Importing a car internationally is not an easy task, especially if you decide to tackle it by yourself, however, if you get some help from a professional company, while also doing some research yourself, you will definitely speed up the whole process.

Where to get help?

When it comes to asking for assistance during importing, it is best to ask a professional importing company such as Dazmac International Logistics, or someone with similar standards. Naturally, before you ask them for help, you want to provide them with as much information about your import as possible.

It will definitely speed your case in their queue, since they will not have to do have to do all of the research themselves, which can take quite a while since they will have to double check things one by one and so on.

Importing from Australia

If you are importing your own car from Australia, the process is fairy simple, besides the paperwork part which is going to be done by your importing company. All you have to do is get the proof of ownership of the vehicle, as well as the history of all previous owners and proof of change in ownership as well.

If the vehicle happens to be fairy recently manufactured, you will not have to worry about other certificates that are required for import, however, if it’s a vehicle created before 1996, you will have to check it up at special centers for approval of safety and fuel consumption.

Even close destinations use a big cargo ship for transport

Importing from the UK

Even if it’s your own car, standards are quite different when compared to importing from Australia. If you are importing your car to use it for less than 12 months, then all you have to do is notify the DVLA, which is also known as Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. However, if you are doing it permanently, things are again handled differently.

During permanent import, your car is still going to be registered in the UK, and you will need to handle the legislation over there, which means that you should have an MOT certificate, valid insurance, and a tax disc while the car is abroad.

If you are importing a newly purchased car, things are different once again. For starters, if you took some kind of loan to purchase the car, you will have to pay it completely before the car can be imported, unless the loan provider allows the car to be imported.

A bit of advice if you are expert importing a car to New Zealand from Dazmac Logistics, is to import a newly purchased car as soon as possible, because if you import it after two months from the purchase date, you will have to pay VAT in the UK, which can be quite high if the car is a luxurious model.

Containers are the best ways to keep the car safe

Final Word

While importing cars from Australia and UK are the most common choices, there are some standards for other popular countries like the US and Japan, which you might want to look into if you are considering to import from them or somewhere else. Doing the research before you start the import process is the key to a quick and successful import, and while it might be a bit boring, it is definitely an effective way.