Australian Interstate Quarantine Regulations – What Should You Know?

When you hand out your precious car or motorhome to an interstate transportation service, they try their best to protect your vehicle.

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However, there are some factors that affect the service and these factors are out of their control. One such factor is quarantine inspection.

As such, professional importing motorhomes into Australia with Dazmac will need quarantine cleaning.

But also when you want to transport your motorhome or car within Australia and especially Western Australia, your vehicle will have to undergo a quarantine inspection.

Australian Interstate Quarantine Rules

  • Don’t carry chilli, capsicum, eggplant and tomato in part of far west and Murray regions
  • Don’t carry rice plants or grain like brown rice or paddy rice, and some other rice products to most of Murrumbidgee and Murray regions
  • Don’t carry citrus plants out of Central Coast region of New South Wales, including the County of Northumberland, Gosford and Sydney metropolitan homes in the Cumberland County
  • Don’t carry grapevines, budwood or cuttings, and soil that has come into contact with grapevine material into all of NSW, barring Albury/Corowa and the Sydney Basin
  • Don’t carry potato planting material or soil that has come in contact with potato planting material into parts of the southeastern northern and central west regions

Quarantine Regulations while Travelling in Western Australia

Transport of plant materials in and/or out of the following regions is regulated:

Broome Area

Uncertified palm plants as well as foliage are prohibited out of the Broome area.

Ord River Irrigation Area

Ord River Irrigation Area (Kununurra) prohibits the entry of uncertified stone and citrus fruits from 1st April to 30th November.

Uncertified foliage, cut flowers and leafy vegetables are prohibited out of the Ord River Irrigation Area (Kununurra).

Gin Gin and Sout-west

The potato-growing areas of the state don’t allow the entry of potatoes imported into WA from another territory/state (barring Tasmania).

Kimberley Region

Spinach, lettuce and broccoli are not allowed in the Shires of Broome and Wyndham East Kimberley from areas of WA outside the Kimberley zone, unless certified by Quarantine WA.

Carnarvon and Kununurra Areas

Carnarvon area allows only certified bananas. Banana leaves, plants and soil should not be removed from the Kununurra and Carnarvon areas.

The prices you may have to pay can be very high and therefore it’s important to take the essential steps to ensure that your vehicle is totally empty.

This means ensuring all personal as well as loose objects have been taken out from your vehicle.

Make sure you also check compartments like glove box and remove items like CD stacker, boot, console etc.

Hiring friendly quarantine cleaning services such as Dazmac Logistics is a good idea so as to make sure your vehicle clears the process of quarantine inspection.

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Materials that are Risky from Quarantine Point of View

Materials that are risky from the quarantine point of view are objects like plants, seeds, flowers, honey, soil, food scraps, nuts, insects, vegetable and fruit packages, hay etc. and they can be typically found in and around:

  • Seats and seat covers
  • Grill
  • Axels and diffs
  • Engine (engine oil and grease are not risky for quarantine inspection)
  • Mats/carpets
  • Radiator core
  • Boot and spare tyre
  • Wheel arches, tyre rims (especially rear side) and mud flaps
  • Recess under wiper wells
  • Spare tyres on 4WDs (hanging underneath) (Note that these areas are high risk)
  • Toolboxes and mounts
  • Channels and chassis rails
  • Steps and running boards
  • Water tanks

If your vehicle doesn’t pass a quarantine inspection successfully, you will have to pay for getting your vehicle cleaned to the required standard for entering the state.

Plus you’ll have to pay $100 for getting the vehicle re-inspected by a Quarantine Western Australia (QWA) officer before getting your vehicle back.

Thus if you know these Australian interstate quarantine regulations, you can save much of your money and peace of mind. Happy interstate journey!