7 Reasons You Should Wax Your Car

Vehicle waxing is quite popular which means more people are coming to realize its benefits for their car. While the population of people using this protective means is growing, there are still some people yet to know what they could stand to gain when they use protective wax for their car. In this article, I have outlined seven reasons you should also consider waxing your car and also giving the job to professionals like ProShield.

#1: We wax for the luster and shine

Quite obvious, as you can see the immediate effect of waxing. More than normal, waxing shows a shine – more like the effect of polishing and shining. Applying wax regularly guarantees the glossiness of a new car and even an old one. There are varieties of waxes to choose from, depending on your taste and needs.

#2: Waxing protects your car

Another basic reason for waxing is to prevent little damage or negative effect that environment can have on your car. Contaminants in the air like rain which contains a lot of impurity and other destructive materials can stick to the car, and if there is no protection in form of waxing, it could gradually harm the car.

#3: Waxing makes washing easy

Have you gotten your starched clothes stained and tried removing them?  It comes off easily right? The starch prevents direct contact of contaminants with the fabric. Similarly, waxing makes your vehicle easy to wash in that the dirt will come off easily.

#4: Filling and refinishing

Wax layers on your car can help smoothen the body of your car. It can fill scratches and improve the general appearance of the car’s body. Waxing blends the coat, it prevents you from repainting regularly. As much as waxing shines, it keeps the paint protected, prevents it from getting old.

#5: It saves you money for repair

If your car is regularly waxed, it is quite conservative on what you spend to maintain and repair.

#6: Remove hard water spots

Water spots which can be quite difficult to remove can be waxed off. Waxing can help stop the frustrations of greasing and washing to remove water spots. Sealants like wax do not allow hard water spots to create stains on your car. Mineral limestone, calcium, magnesium, and other solid mineral build-up in water and stains your car but their action can easily be negated by waxing.

#7: Waxing reduces the damage of the sun

Driving your car in the sun or parking in the sun will wear off the body, it will begin to look dull and pale. Waxing fixes this problem as it keeps the sun from directly damaging the car’s paint.